The Bears Meet the team behind the stories

WildBear aims to be a market leader in the production industry by providing creative solutions for our clients in the unique “WildBear Way”.

The WildBear team reflects this commitment.


Michael Tear

The legacy of a company that can prosper in this business is important to me. I want to build a growing, sustainable company. Read more


Wayne Brown
Head of Corporate

The business side of the company can be just as diverse and challenging as the programs we create, we all play our part in bringing the stories to life. Read more


Kate Betts
Senior Producer

The challenge of making the impossible possible is what I love most – meeting and working closely with a diverse array of interesting people is the bonus. Read more


Lauren D'Aran
Production Coordinator

Even in the midst of development, pre-production, filming, and post-production, I always remind myself that it’s the small details that weave together to create a story which lingers in audiences’ memories and imaginations. Read more


Chris Bamford
Senior Creative

The best part of what I do is watching someone view a story I've helped create. If they have an emotional response, whatever that is - excitement, empathy, anger, sadness – it means I've done my job. Read more


Nicholas Roosen

Film provides the opportunity to experience and share important stories. Enlightenment, scientific discovery, entertainment, social commentary and the earth's natural treasures… these themes fuel my passion for storytelling. Read more


Nik Wansbrough

Colour, light, movement and sound; each can engage viewers on such an emotional level. Every day we employ all those elements to tell a new story and I love it. Read more


Robert Perry

An image by itself carries its own weight and meaning. Manipulating a series of images into a narrative is what I love about editing. Read more