04 March 2013


As a sponsor and supplier of the audiovisual program at the International Women’s Day (IWD) Luncheon at the National Convention Centre, Wildbear will assist in highlighting the plight of women and children around the world who are facing violence in both conflict and domestic situations.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Senior Producer Kelly Charls said “Wildbear is proud to help raise awareness about the work that UN Women do locally and internationally to combat violence against women and children. Our recent documentary “Side by Side: Women, Peace and Security” gave us extraordinary insight, through interviews with activists, peacekeepers, humanitarian workers and survivors of conflict, into the work being done with and by women in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations to combat this global issue. We will be previewing the program at the IWD luncheon for a screening soon in Canberra.”

Guest speaker at the event will be Justice Catherine Davani, Chair of the Papua New Guinea Judges Rules Committee. Justice Davani has a keen interest in the development and reform of law in PNG and as Chair of the Committee was involved in major changes and amendments to the National Court Act and Rules, Supreme Court Rules and Underlying Law Rules, which have enhanced the practice of the law in PNG.