The Anangu elders who asked us to preserve the Seven Sisters songlines for the next generation – and people everywhere – saw an opportunity to tell this story through digital experiences as well as paintings, photographs and sculptural forms.

The audio journey immerses visitors in the atmospheric sounds of women singing in language, of laughter, desert birds and wind. The sisters are voiced by Ursula Yovich and Alison Page, who bring warmth and humour to the journey as they flee their relentless pursuer, played by Duncan Smith.

Produced by the National Museum and WildBear Entertainment, with scriptwriters Jane Uhlmann and Michael Cove, the audio was recorded in a single day after months of work scoping and developing the tour.

The sisters bounce off each other and their energy is infectious. It’s playful and informative and visitors are telling us that they feel included in the shared history of Aboriginal Australia.