The Wildbear Way

WildBear is proud of its culture and achievements.

Our work is guided by our vision which is an approach to business called “The WildBear Way”.

The WildBear Way is:

  • to be renowned for problem solving and offering clients great solutions and responsive service
  • to be an employer of choice
  • to do work of the highest creative and technical standard that exceeds our client expectations, and
  • to create an internationally recognised brand

The WildBear Way determines how we fulfil our mission, which is to connect with people by creating experiences for audiences.

And this is driven by our philosophy: to be proud of the work we do.

These statements constitute our approach to business; they are part of the induction of staff, they are used as a yard stick when we meet as a team to discuss our work, and they are published here so that we may be accountable to all those with whom we have dealings.  If you work for or with WildBear, or we work for you, The WildBear Way is what you can expect.