Colour, light, movement and sound; each can engage viewers on such an emotional level. Every day we employ all those elements to tell a new story and I love it.

Nik Wansbrough is an Australian filmmaker, living and working in Canberra. As a director, Nik has worked with a diverse range of clients, bringing engaging stories to a variety of screen-based mediums. Nik lives to create unique experiences for his audience. He believes in a holistic approach to filmmaking; utilising all the elements of the medium to maximise production-value, whilst creating the greatest emotional impact.

Having worked in the industry for over 12 years, Nik started out in animation, special effects and broadcast design, before laying a foundation as a director on countless corporate videos, television commercials and short films. Since 2013, Nik’s primary focus has been directing documentary series for international broadcast, beginning with Monsters in the Outback (XiveTV). The program told the story of Australia’s dinosaurs, incorporating live-action photography and computer-generated animation.

In 2015, Nik directed and co-wrote Australia Doesn’t Just Want to Kill You (Discovery Channel), a three-part series examining Australia’s deadliest creatures, and how their unique adaptations can be harnessed by scientists to improve lives across the globe. From 2016 to 2018, Nik directed over 30 hours of internationally broadcast documentaries, covering science, history and natural history.

Nik wrote, directed, edited and SFX supervised his most recent project; The Fatal Conflict: Judea and Rome (ZDF), in 2018. The epic two-part series utilised dramatic recreations, animation, expert interviews and archival footage to weave the story of Judea’s ascent and fall at the hands of the Roman Empire.

In 2019 Nik directed three, six-part series for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Searching for Superhuman – a journey of human biological discovery, The Great Acceleration – the story of scientific achievements in the last half-century, and Road To Now, which explores the shifting geopolitics since the fall of the Berlin wall.

In 2020, Nik directed Beyond Our Earth (Passion), a highly elaborate six-part series detailing humanity’s journey into space featuring almost two hours of high-end CG and special effects. With a strong foundation in writing, editing and special effects, Nik Wansbrough is always looking for the next exciting story to tell on screen.