AAR Ep3_2

Every animal on the planet is armed with a weapon of some kind. Crocodiles have teeth, jaguars have claws and cheetahs rely on their speed. Predators are the most well-armed, but surprisingly they’re the ones who usually lose. Most hunts end in failure. Foiled by the ingenious defence systems developed by their prey – shells, spines, poison and camouflage honed over the eons. Others animals battle with their own kind in duels of strength and cunning which determine who will get to reproduce.

Some have evolved weapons specifically for these jousting bouts – giant horns, huge noses and brilliant displays of colour. Parents also fight to protect their young. Every animal is highly tuned to its home arena. Whether on the open plains, the depths of the jungle or on the high seas, all are put to the test in the great Animal Arms Race.

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