Operation Iraqi Freedom - Day 21: Us Troops Enter Central Baghdad And Topple Statue Of Saddam Hussein On April 9, 2003 In Baghdad, Iraq

Go deeper into the stories of the people, places and events that shaped our world. World-changing wars. Earth-shaking catastrophes. Era-defining icons. We’ve all read the headlines – but how much do we really know about what happened? ‘Behind History’ takes an in depth look at the stories behind some of the most momentous events, remarkable ideas, and extraordinary people the world has ever known.

Each episode focuses on a single theme and tells six unique stories to deliver a fascinating look into the context of each subject, and in doing so reveals some of its lesser-known facts. Themes include ‘Icons’, which explores the people and places that have become globally recognised symbols, and ‘Breakthrough’, which looks at the political, scientific and medical advances that have shaped our world. Other episodes investigate the themes of ‘War’, ‘Leaders’, ‘Catastrophe’, and ‘Fame’.

Combining accessible narration and carefully chosen archive footage with a contemporary look and feel, Behind History offers a unique and fascinating take on those key events and characters from our past.

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