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Flowing from the heart of Borneo, the Kinabatangan River is a cornucopia of life. From deep within mountains, to its ultimate meeting with the sea. Borneo stands at a triple junction of three tectonic plates, and at the crossroads of two oceans. The river is home to 50 mammal species, 200 types of bird, and countless insects. Fuelled by yearly monsoons, at its headwaters, mountains have sustained wet tropical forests. In the floodplains below, strange and more unexpected life inhabits the dense jungle. Beyond lie tangled mangroves nursing the next generation of marine creatures. Finally, at the cusp of the Sulu Sea the journey begins again. In the tropical warmth, moisture evaporates, rises to form clouds, and on mountain ranges rain falls again. From source, to sea, and back again…this is Borneo’s Secret Kingdom.

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