From the ashes of Australia’s devastating bushfires, wildlife survivors begin their long journeys to recovery. Australia’s fauna have evolved to coexist with bushfire, but these Black Summer fires are unprecedented in their scale, speed and intensity. Many native animals are unable to escape, or endure, without human help. We follow iconic species like koalas, kangaroos, wombats, and an endangered parrot through their rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release. Remarkable tales of compassion and dedication are revealed along the way – from an orphan wombat growing too attached to her carer, to audacious helicopter airdrops to feed remote rock wallabies. When the fires finally burn out, Australia looks to the science, innovation and Indigenous knowledge that will be needed to safeguard fragile wildlife in an even hotter future.

Koala - Phascolarctos cinereus on the tree in Australia, climbing on eucaluptus while the fire on the background. Burning forest in Australia