Code Red Graphic Still (Floods_02)

From earth-shattering volcanic eruptions to devastating industrial accidents, disasters strike in myriad and complex ways. Whether caused by momentous geological or weather events or human blunders and misplaced ambition, the events featured in Code Red change communities, countries and sometimes the whole world forever. From a ravaged forest after a lethal bushfire or a survivor’s relief and remorse after being rescued, disasters leave their mark long after the event itself. 

Through dramatic footage, expert accounts and CGI, Code Red revisits some of the worst disasters in living memory. We ask what, where, why, who and how the disasters took place and bring to the fore the true human cost of a disaster. Across ten thematic one-hour episodes, we focus on a particular type of disaster and analyse the impact of these events on a local and global level. Revealing new technologies, we also talk to key figures working hard to improve how we deal with and prevent future disasters.

Armchair in a kindergarten in the Chernobyl zone. Prypiat, UkraineFloods, Multan, PakistanCode Red Graphic Still (Floods_05)