Rosey Grier;Bill Eppridge;Robert F. Kennedy [& Wife];Jesse M. Unruh

Through archival material and interviews with historians, journalists, and academics, Fatal Shot uses forensic research and hard facts to explore the motives, methods, and minds of assassins, and examine some of the most famous, unique, and unusual assassinations of our time. Each episode differentiates between types of assassins – from religious zealots to political extremists, deluded misfits to state-sponsored saboteurs – identifying the particular cause that an individual or group seeks to further through their destructive act. The series also explores the various weapons of choice for assassinations: the gun, knife, bomb, or even poison. On average, a world leader continues to be assassinated every two years; Fatal Shot is a timely reminder that assassination is still very much a part of our world.

Northern Alliance Leader Ahmad Shah MassoudFormer Russian Agent Poisoned In London