Deep in the heart of the Australian bush, modern day treasure hunters are searching for hidden gems. Located in one of the richest sapphire deposits on earth, the series is set around the exploits of five crews, from crusty veterans who are still on the gem high, to wild-eyed local lads born into the game. There’s a young family bent on succeeding at any cost, a husband and wife desperate to live out their sapphire dreams, and the big players who shift hundreds of tonnes of dirt in a day for buckets filled with gems.

Every miner has a unique approach. Some carve tunnels deep underground, others run open-cut mines that gouge deep pits into the ground. For most, the haphazard machinery and backyard technology still manages to deliver beautiful “Parti Stones”, unique and desirable sapphires with a multitude of colours.

Every day is a battle. Every stone a victory hard won. Life with the Gem Hunters Down Under teams is compelling, entertaining and heart-warming.