Our battle with COVID-19 has shown how a virus can bring the world to its knees. But this war does not end when we beat COVID-19 because viral threats will never stop. This evolutionary arms race between viruses, bacteria and us has been raging for millennia. Constant mutation and adaptation are the survival mechanisms of the microbial world and these microscopic agents will always find a way to exploit the weaknesses in our defences. But science has helped humanity fight back. With each new outbreak, we’ve gained vital intelligence about these invisible enemies, developed ingenious weapons of defence and are now better prepared for the moment when the next deadly outbreak strikes.

Invisible Wars is a timely series about humanity’s battle with deadly microbes. A real-life science thriller, tracking global epidemics and exploring the rise and fall of infectious diseases past, present and emerging. Interviews with leading infectious disease experts from around the world uncover the emotional and personal toll of these disease-causing pathogens, the amazing medical breakthroughs to combat them and how science is working to stay one step ahead.

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