Discover the Great Barrier Reef like never before…

This is an absorbing, revelatory and fully immersive experience that takes you below the surface to reveal the stories and secrets of the world’s largest living structure; and the revolutionary movement fighting to protect it for future generations. For the first time ever, you will be taken to the heart of this epic quest – following First Nations Traditional Owners, scientists, citizens and everyday heroes as they join forces to make the ultimate difference. The ingenious solutions they come up with will amaze you – and inspire you to be part of the next Great Reef Census.

But most of all, this once-in-a-lifetime feature documentary is a story of hope, resilience, rebirth and passion, where actions speak louder than words and where every person can make a difference. Once seen, never forgotten, Reefshot is your call to arms to protect the future of one of Earth’s most important icons.

12 - Nicole McLachlan for Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef (1)GRC3 Launch (Must Credit_ @nicolemclachlanphoto for Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef) 22