Said to be cursed, for over 80 years the immense ‘Gothic Symphony’ has remained unperformed in its entirety. At over 2 hours long and requiring 2 orchestras, 4 brass bands and 5 full choirs, this is perhaps unsurprising. Officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as one of the largest, longest and most technically difficult symphonies ever composed, it is widely regarded as the ‘Mt Everest’ of classical music. Filmed over 5 years, this colourful and quirky documentary follows the journey of a brave and committed group of musicians, who attempt to break the curse and stage this epic event.

GOTHIC_The Gothic Performance_940GOTHIC_The Gothic Performance 2_940GOTHIC_Recreations 5_940GOTHIC_John Curro 2_940Havergal Brian at The Marlinespike, late 60s/early 70sGOTHIC_Gargoyle 1_940