Our planet has been shaped by powerful elemental forces, of earth, fire, ice, water and wind. Over millions of years, they have given rise to natural icons of immense grandeur and variety. Mount Everest, Jordan’s Dead Sea, Rotorua’s boiling mud pools, Indonesia’s archipelago, Sossusvlei’s sand dunes, the Northern Lights, the Rockies, the Amazon,
Antarctica and more.

Over the course of six episodes, we travel worldwide, exploring the World’s Greatest Natural Icons. The icons are as different as the forces that created them, from exploding volcanoes to phosphorescent reefs, from snaking rivers to infinite ice sheets, from burning deserts to abyssal fjords. In turn, these natural wonders shape the evolution of all life. Each episode is themed by a force of nature, and features eight to twelve icons. Strong imagery and narrative take the audience on a true journey of discovery, getting up close and personal with the most dynamic and sometimes dangerous icon-makers of our planet.

Marine iguanaWG_NATURAL ICONS_EP01_03