Working across such diverse content and with a broad range of stakeholders, every day is a “school day” and every project requires true collaboration. It’s a privilege to contribute to the telling of such remarkable stories of our history, human experience and the natural world.

Caroline works alongside WildBear’s Executive Producers across the company’s diverse development slate, to drive projects through to greenlight and beyond. Caroline joined WildBear in 2018, bringing with her combined experience in TV business affairs and human resources. Caroline was a key contributor in securing the financing of the Sundance-selected and Emmy-nominated feature documentary, “Playing With Sharks” (National Geographic Documentary Films/Disney+, together with Dogwoof) and “Rachel’s Farm” (Madman Entertainment, together with New Town Films), which she was also a Line Producer on.

Some recent projects that Caroline has guided through to production include official Australia-Canada Co-Production, “Stuff the British Stole” (for ABC TV and CBC, in partnership with Wooden Horse and Cream Productions), feature documentary “The Fastest Things on Wings” (in partnership with Dogwoof), wildlife special “The Platypus Guardian” (for ABC TV and The WNET Group, in partnership with Tetrapod Films) and Australian social history series, “Australia Come Fly With Me” (for SBS).