I love working in the film industry – the collaborative nature of our work allows for some great team relationships to be formed, and some great stories to be told.

Matt is Head of Production at WildBear Entertainment – as a team leader and supervisor, he has worked across several hundreds of hours of programming for WildBear, and has been instrumental in setting up the various workflows and processes that enable us to deliver time and time again for our clients.

Recent career highlights include Stuff The British Stole (ABC), The Bomber: Terror of WW2 (A+E), Gem Hunters Down Under (Seven), Iconic Australia (Nine), Playing With Sharks (Disney), Hating Peter Tatchell (Netflix), The Sir John Monash Centre (Australian Government).

Matt enjoys working with team members to get the best out of everyone on a project – as a professional musician, he understands the importance of interplay between team members, and the strength that we can all gain through a diversity of opinions and approaches. He is also a technical specialist and has a deep understanding of Production and Post Production workflows.