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Elements is a visually stunning and immersive cultural experience that captures the spectacular landscapes and stories of Far North Queensland and the Torres Strait Islands. Read more

First Contact by Laurel Nannup
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Making Marvels

Urban Art Projects (UAP) is the world’s biggest grandeur art maker. Our favourite duo are back and taking big to even bigger! Handsome and charismatic twins, Dan and Matt Tobin are again taking us around the world; from Australia to America to Asia and the Middle East, Making Marvels follows the boys and their amazing team of UAP staffers on dramatic journeys across the globe as they design and install the world’s biggest art concepts. Read more

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New York had the Ramones. London had the Sex Pistols. But Brisbane had The Saints- the band that changed the face of rock as we know it. Read more

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Big Art

When the world wants Big Art, it comes to Urban Art Projects, an art-making business founded by identical twins Daniel and Matthew Tobin. From humble beginnings casting bronze door handles, today they run a team who make some of the biggest art in the world. Read more

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Hanging Australia

The vastness of our country, its beauty and hostility, fires and floods, are part of who we are, how we think and how we define ourselves. Read more

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Dancing Down Under

Dancing Down Under is an observational series that follows the amazing adventures of a group of young Australians as they compete for the winner’s trophies in the crazy world of Irish Dancing. Read more

Who We Are in Sport 23Who We Are in Sport 13
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Who We Are - In Sport

The journey – to the top and beyond – has been full of discoveries for this group of Indigenous sports stars. Read more