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Caught in Motion

Witness wildlife, caught in motion, as ultra high-speed cameras along with cutting edge graphics unveil the biomechanics behind extraordinary and ingenious animals. Read more

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World's Most Toxic Animals

In an evolutionary arms race, the world’s most toxic animals have perfected toxins and venoms for attack and defence, distilling death into a single drop. Read more

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Human Animal

What special traits make humans unique in the animal kingdom? Read more

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Wildest Places

Wildest Places is a stunning 12 part series exploring some of the most incredible natural habitats on the planet and featuring a diverse range of wildlife. Read more

Koala - Phascolarctos cinereus on the tree in Australia, climbing on eucaluptus while the fire on the background. Burning forest in Australia
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Bushfire Animal Rescue

From the ashes of Australia’s devastating bushfires, wildlife survivors begin their long journeys to recovery. Read more

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Just Animals

JUST ANIMALS … a spectacular, fascinating celebration of the world’s wildlife Read more

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Dino Bird

Dino Bird is a visually spectacular one-hour film that explores the life of the endangered southern cassowary through the eyes of matriarch Bertha, as she and her family strive to survive in the tropics of northern Queensland in the oldest rainforest on Earth. Read more

Boss Croc list image
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Boss Croc

This incredible story follows the lives of Nero and Brutus, two saltwater crocodile brothers, as they battle for supremacy in one of the world's most beautiful, and deadly, wetlands. Read more

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Baby Animals Around the World

Baby Animals Around the World is a humorous narration driven series based on a day in the life of a broad range of extremely cute baby animals from a wide variety of natural, domestic and cultural environments around the world. Read more

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Baby Animals In The Wild

Baby Animals In The Wild is a humorous narration driven series based on a day in the life of a broad range of extremely cute baby animals from a wide variety of natural environments around the world. Read more

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Animals That Changed History

Animals That Changed History is a six part documentary series that details the contributions of animals to human development throughout history. Read more

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Moody Beasts

In three one-hour specials, we explore the secret, primal force that drives the animal kingdom: hormones. Read more

BR_by Grosptiz and Westphalen Filmproducktion IMG_1046_2
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The Kangaroo King

The scorching interior of the oldest continent is home to one of Australia’s toughest inhabitants– the mighty Red Kangaroo. In this inhospitable yet magnificent land “Rusty” takes on everything the sunburnt country can throw at him. Read more

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Snake Sheila

Snake Sheila followed two Brisbane snake catchers - 'Snake Sheila Julia' and her Scottish bloke 'Johnny Bagpipes' - over a snake season where they're run absolutely legless. Read more

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Coral Triangle

This landmark three part series, set in the central Indo-Pacific, unlocks some of the hidden secrets of the scientifically defined region known as the Coral Triangle; discovering species new to science, engaging with the diverse local people, and experiencing natural events that are as awesome as they are humbling. Read more

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Australia's Wild Places

From the arid desert of Australia’s red centre to the snow-covered peaks of the Alps, from the riches waiting to be discovered in the waters of Western Australia’s shark coast, to the lush jungles of the Daintree on the opposite side of this vast continent, Australia’s national parks are home to some of the world’s greatest treasures. Read more

Weapons Of The Wild - 1200
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Weapons Of The Wild

For the first time the latest behavioural research is combined with new imaging technologies to provide amazing insights into the extraordinary arsenal of weapons that have evolved in the animal kingdom. Read more

Tassie devil_1200
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Wild Australia

Australia – a continent of natural wonders! This four-part series takes you off to the kingdom of the kangaroo and red rocks with breathtaking aerial footage, riveting super slow motion and extraordinary animal stories. Read more

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Monsters in the Outback

Many millions of years ago, before even our ancestors walked the earth, there were dinosaurs. And Australia was once a place where they roamed in vast numbers. Read more

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New Zealand From Above

An aerial journey of New Zealand, from the deep south of the South Island to the northern tip of the North Island. Read more